Sunday, July 11, 2010

This Weekend Rocked My Socks

Top Ten Reasons The Weekend Rocked My Socks
in no particular order.

1. Surprise visit from one of my best buddies in the whole wide world!

2. Re-watching a wonderful though dark dark movie, followed by great discussion.

3. "Bethenny Getting Married" is the best show on t.v. I made my male buddy watch this show and was hoping for a funnier sample episode, as though it was physically possible to get him watching this show of his own free will. Ah well, it wasn't funny, but he endured THE wedding episode and I thoroughly enjoyed it. He, at the very minimum, pretended to enjoy it, and this was satisfactory for all parties. Side note: I had to watch that Lebron James shit-show DECISION and nearly cried over those poor kids at the Boys and Girls Club who were totally played out by that a-hole on live tv. Who keeps kids out on a weeknight to tell them bad news and make them cry? Poor, poor taste. And Lebron, you're not all that. I didn't even know you're name before this weekend. Bethenny Frankel would never have pulled a stunt so cruel. 2 points for Bethenny. I hope those kids cried or said mean things to "the King" for his a-holiness.

Back to the list . . . of Top Ten Reasons This Weekend Rocked My Socks . . .

4. Thai. Food. With. Leftovers.

5. Peapod delivery prior to my pal's arrival provided the peace that only a full fridge of pudding cups, avocados, cheese and cheese-related products, and an entire corner of my kitchen I call "the beverage center" full of all sorts of hydration for my salty bod- made for a wonderful tumyurful time.

6. Have I yet mentioned NY Deli Pizza in my neighborhood that is so very very very college-style cheap, and yet so very very very Boston-style yummy Italian food? 'nuf said.

7. Houseguests + Open Refusal to actually cook for them = Sweet Relief.

8. Helped work on the draft of play that woke up my director brain and my playwright brain.

9. Took some advice from CFFatBoy and explored a new webhosting service, and now think about moving my "real" yet unlaunched website over to it! Oh yeah, and got my second official web client!

10. Seeing the people you love : Best ever.

11. BONUS: Managed to do all my meds, take my bipap naps, and get plenty of sleepy time sleep.

Oh no wait. One day, I forgot my bipap nap but that was because of the uninteresting transplant appointment I had to attend all afternoon, and also forgot, on the same day, to drink my afternoon cup of coffee- HEADACHE CITY. Thank goodness for my bipap. To bed for me! Both then, and now!

12. DOUBLE BONUS SHOUT-OUT: Extra doting by B-Kitty who has taken a new dislike to visitors. GTFO, she meowed. She spent today reclaiming all "infected" furniture and generally meowing in my face. Oh wait, the second part of that is not really news.

13. NEWSINESS: My shirts arrived!!!! Or shall I say, YOUR shirts arrived! The luck keeps coming. Every day, a lucky thing so far.

g'night! party hard. sleep it off.


  1. I can't wait to see what you do with your new hosting... there the geek said it. I get fixated easily.

  2. HostGator is the shit. In a good way.

    The movie was PRECIOUS. I saw it the first time in the theatre, and was so afraid of the violent scenes that I missed half the movie either hiding my eyes or being traumatized and distracted. So, watching it on video at home with a friend, and now knowing where the bad parts are and how long they last- I could enjoy the acting and film choices much more. Also, my pal had NOT seen it, so that made for a good discutte.

  3. i did my thesis on african-american literature (well, alice walker and zora neale hurston and the tradition of authorial influence, to be specific) and when i graduated my advisor gave me PRECIOUS as a gift -- the book, obviously. saphire is an amazing writer. i was so happy to see her involvement in the movie and the excellent portrayal of some seriously complicated characters.

    glad your weekend rocked your socks. that rocks my socks. and sammy's socks. consider our socks rocked.

  4. I agree that BGM is the best piece of reality bullshit that Bravo has ever produced. I can actually get through a whole episode, unlike the Real Housewives, which I can't stand after approx. 6-10 min of fighting. In fact, I like Bethenny so much that I bought People magazine the other day just to read her harrowing childhood tale (short version: her parents sucked). I just look forward to when she can drink again, because she's amazingly entertaining when totally smashed.

  5. Favorite Quote from BGM(?): No Bananigans. No Shenanigans. No Monkeys.

  6. Haha #12 "GTFO she meowed" bwhahaha


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