Saturday, July 31, 2010

Chillin in one of my adorable annie and isabelle gowns! Thanks so much. I'm worn out today from getting rid of 4 tubes that will go unexplained, and my post surgery adrenaline: gone. Very sore and tired, but breathin' deep and can't wait for a fresh start tomorrow!


  1. You're rockin'!! I changed your site link in my blogroll from purple to green a couple of days ago. You're on the "other side" now!!

  2. glad to see your doing well. hope you have a fast recovery and that they kick you out of that hospital soon (but not before you're ready)

  3. You look GREAT and so healthy :) Glad things are going well! I hope your dad found you a pillow. After my transplant, my team of docs gave me this pillow in the shape of was pink and great for holding when I coughed!! Continuing to pray for a speedy, healthy and full recovery!!


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