Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ten Ways I Celebrated Life This Week

The best way, I believe, to honor the loss of a comrade, is to celebrate life. I remember when my dear friend A-dirrie^ lost her father Roger, that her family held a Celebration of Life. This was the first time in my life that I had heard of such a thing - the name and focus was not something that fit with my prior losses. In brief as I must go to bed, here are . . .

Ten Ways to Celebrate Life

1. Have an impromptu party. Wake up in the morning and decide to invite all your besties over. See who shows up! DO NOT CLEAN THE HOUSE. No one cares.

2. Put on a crazy song or 5 (as many as it takes to warm up to the idea) and dance around the house while scantily clad, Risky Business-style.

3. Put on some loud music and go for a drive with all the windows open, and try to sing at the top of your lungs. If you're on 02, enjoy getting followed by a police man who perhaps thinks you're some kind of thug, and then pulls up next to you and looks confused. Thug life y'all.

4. Wear an outfit that you are saving or usually save for something special, to go do something unspecial. You'll feel so very special.

5. Tell everyone YOU HAVE A GREAT DAY! and really mean it. The Southerners have this one right- people really appreciate it, and some of them actually start turning the wheels, "Maybe I will have a good day!"

6. Spend some very special time with your pet. This might involve McDonald's French Fries, and a porch, AND a porch-party.

7. Instant message your old homies and see what's up with them. You would not BELIEVE what is going on with people!

8. Take stupid pictures of yourself and share them with people. People really appreciate possessing stupid pictures of their friends.Think of the last time you got a stupid picture of a friend. Did you delete, ever?

9. Do something you've always wanted to do, that you would get no reward for. Volunteer somewhere, do something extra, do something that's a crazy hassle. Do a good deed, already, FFS!

10. Count your blessings and know that if you have even one, you should realize that you're one of the luckiest people on earth. Especially if number one is your mommy.

BONUS: Eat something really nummy. Twice.

DOUBLE SPECIAL SHOUT-OUT BONUS: Call someone you love so very much, who you feel disconnected from, and say, "hey I feel disconnected, and I want to fix that right very now," even if it's scary. FULL DISCLOSURE: I was on the receiving end of this one :)


  1. love love love my dear. perfect.

  2. Thank you for this. Just got my priorities in order.

  3. Awesome list. I need a scantily clad outfit! I wonder if bright red will make my eyes dance?


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