Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"It's Gettin' Hot In Here, so what?, So Take Off All Your Clothes"

Bet that title got your attention. Sorry, no naked shots today. But this one of my dear B-Kitty^ and her new companion, fresh out my cleaned-out closet that was full of drama-teacher-related-goodies. She seems to have made friends with little dog dog there, and dragged him out of my bedroom and into the kitchen to lay on the cold linoleum floor. I am not sure what the status of their relationship is, as she told me that they are "keepin' it loose," so- you know.

A special apology to UnknownFox as I think he was hoping to have some sort of pet-of-a-CFer-online-affair with B-Kitty. She'll hollah back when she's ready.

On to the real subject of this blog.... ME.

It's hotter than Beezus and Ramona out here in New England, and I, like a dumbass, did not schedule my friendly handyMan to put in my A/C unitS until tomorrow a.m. STUPPIE STUPPIE RA-TA-TOOYIE. ooh well. I'll survive. I made a video today for my docu-diary about how everyone asks if the heat bothers me, if allergies bother me, if smog bothers me, or humidity - I think at this point- my breathing sucks so hard that you know- nothing really bothers me per se, because it even the best air blows. Ha ha, get it- the air blows?!

I offer you this hilarious and informative video regarding the 4th of July-y. Small brief cameo by one of my most famous friends, JO^.

"Party like it's your last,"


  1. Once again you tease me with a fake headline. Argh. More smut, please.

    Fox out.

    BTW, I like your tag line on this post. :-)

  2. "hotter than Beezus and Ramona!" Yes.

  3. You are so stinking cute! Would you come narrate my life?


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