Wednesday, July 7, 2010

No Whammies, No Whammies!

I feel that this is my lucky weekend. No whammies. In the true tradition of random 70s references on this blog (which is odd, since I was born in 1980), I am starting to develop a theme for trying to get transplant calls which I will refer to as PRESS YOUR LUCK.

My last two tx calls came when I was very tired and once when I had worked out too hard, and my first reaction to the doctor on the phone was, "good, I'm sore from working out, I could recover during the surgery!"

This weekend, I have a pal coming in town as a surprise visit! We will have the very best time. His visit, is, of course, quite lucky. Also, I received this surprise from the blog world yesterday:

"I saw this cat and wished that CG would get her lungs really quick."

Weekend + Visitor + Magic Cat + B-Kitty's affair with Puppy = Good luck weekend!!

Have a great one, type at you Sunday!


  1. I totally agree that this must be a lucky weekend for you because I just watched the pilot of Glee; my mother, my daughter and I all got simultaneous (mild) migraines; and your 30th birthday is approaching.


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