Wednesday, July 28, 2010

No Lungs, No Peace, Get Outta Here!

As of 5:26 AM CysticGal is out of surgery, off the bypass, and is scheduled to arrive in the ICU shortly. 

Whoo hoo!  Thanks to everyone for their well-wishes and especially to the donor family, for a faith that is hard to imagine.

Here are some of her Facebook and Twitter comments (names withheld):

Thinking of you today. Go get 'em.
Sending good thoughts your way! We love you!
Be the ones!! I won't hold it against you if we can't meet in Columbus because you got NEW LUNGS!!! Be the ones!!
Hoping, hoping, hoping
sending good thoughts your way
Yay!!!!! Peaceful vibes peaceful vibes peaceful vibes
Good, good, good thoughts from England!
So you got the "call"? Im out of the loop since my daughters admission.
Are you at the same place I got mine? It isn't Monday so this is not going to be a dry run! Your turn is today!
love and light your way all the time.
WHOA!! Such exciting news! Sending every ounce of good energy, love, hope, prayer your way!!
So much love to you !!!xoxo
Thank God! I am so excited! Let me know if you need any. Thing.
Yaaaay! Good luck girlie, keeping you in my thoughts
WOOOHOO! smooth surgery vibes heading your way! this news made my day, week, month....and more! i can't stop smiling....can't wait to hear that you are recovering and breathing easily again!
I'm sending such good vibes right now. Can you feel them?
Liking this so hard! Good luck!
Wow! Crossing my fingers and hoping like crazy for you....
Thoughts, prayers and hugs to you!
Yay Yay Yay!!! Remember when I am the Maid of Honor is this surgery! :) love love love
Countless good wishes, prayers, love, and really good juju your way, Sweetie. Will be attached to the computer from now on. Love, love, love you.
My thoughts and prayers are with you!
Good luck! I hope everything goes well!
Good luck ! Sending out the best vibes I have!
Sending positive thoughts, love and prayers your way!
 Finally!!! We will all be thinking good thoughts for you!! Love from us all.
Praying, praying, praying...and I just put on my CG-T-shirt for extra good measure...good vibes...everyone's pulling for you! Love!
Sending the most positive thoughts I have to you!!!
prayers and hugs to you!
prayers and love and gratitude and receptive peace.... and deep deep breaths of sweet cool air!
Good vibes are being sent your way!
Just read the message. I am praying everything goes well for you. It's been a long wait.
Sending good thoughts your way !!! xoxo
love to you, friend. thinking, hoping, praying, sending good energy -- whatever i can do to get the message across!
I'm so excited for you!!! Please let these be the perfect windbags for you!
Thinking of you CG!!!
please send all the love and light you can spare over to [CysticGal] this afternoon as she waits for a possible lung transplant. go, CG, go!
sending good lung vibes to [CysticGal]! crossing fingers for "a go"! ♥
Fingers crossed that this is the right pair for you! I hope you packed your music and sneakers for walking around the ward after! Lots of love your way.
Wahoo  !!
I am just reading about all of this [CysticGal]...I am praying for you!!
Are you kidding? Have you seen my facebook status as of last night? This is awesome.
I'm looking forward in hearing from you soon. Good luck!
Good luck!!!!
You are in wonderful hands Beth, we are rooting for a smooth path for you. Wahoo !
is hoping her "no rejection, no antibodies" status lends positivity to [CysticGal] and her transplant!!! NLNP!
I am sending all my love and healing thoughts. Wake up rested and breathing deep my friend.
I hope this is the real deal. Then we can celebrate your birthday and new lungs later in August/September. These would be the best early birthday present you could get. Good luck and I hope everything goes smoothly for you.
hope it's going well ! love and positive vibes to you right now!
OMG!!! Yay!!!! Thinking of you right now and praying my little heart out! I'm so happy!
I hope everything goes great cousin!! Good luck!!
All a part of the master plan. You get new lungs, and I get a PIR director in the spring! Go, girl, go!
Hope everything is going well tonight. We are thinking of you and sending good thoughts your way.
Those docs should really let you text message from surgery, my Chicken Patty. Until they do, FaceBook must suffice. Guess that birthday party of yours will be from recovery after all!!! Love you!
so unbelievably happy for you, CG!
YAY!! Thoughts and prayers are with you!!
All the love and light I can muster up is headed your way. So very happy for you.
Awesome news! Very happy for you. Thoughts & prayers are with you tonight.
Yay!! Go [CysticGal]!!!!
LOVE YOU BETH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thinking of you and knowing that your greater than mine will ever be!
Lots of love. Lots of light. Lots of prayers. ♥
You have my absolute best wishes , hope to hear great news from you soon!
BEST WISHES , thinking of you!!!
Congrats Lady!! Such great news!! :)
Thinking of you!
@CysticGal u r in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery!!! ♥♥♥
3 cheers for @CysticGal. Getting her lungs as we speak.
Fingers crossed for @cysticgal who is getting a new pair of lungs (!!!) right now. Hope the surgery goes well!
Please send prayers out for mah friend @CysticGal who received a double lung transplant tonight. Crying for her (cont)
Please pray for my friend @cysticgal as she has a lung transplant for #CysticFibrosis
Heard from a mutual friend you're getting some new breathers. Just wanted to send you some good luck.My thoughts are with you! :) .
The @cysticgal news is the best news I've heard all week. And it's only #Tuesday. #cfusa #transplant
Lungs are tonight's reason to smile! @cysticgal
@CysticGal is just under the knife to receive her new air bags! I'm so excited for her! #transplant #cfusa
@cffatboy @unknowncystic perhaps simply wearing THE MOST BADASS article of clothing we own, in honor of general @CysticGal badassery.
What color do we wear when @CysticGal gets out? I'm not wearing pink, but I have salmon.

Going to bed with prayers for @cysticgal. Her blog says double lung transplant has started
@CysticGal We don't know each other but I caught a tweet abt ur surgery tonight ~ I'll say a prayer for ur speedy recovery..sending hugs!
Sending love & hope RT @chronicuriosity: @mccordalex your faithful, feisty friend @CysticGal is getting a double lung transplant tonight!

All my <3 to @CysticGal - new lungs at 21:00 EST! Tweet (or RT) the love, people! #cysticfibrosis #cfusa


  1. CG- I am posting on here for some weird reason. It is Wednesday a.m. and you must be in ICU. i am thinking about you every single second and I love you. xxxooo

  2. Thanks for the update! Just started to follow the progress and sending loads of prayers your way.

    My husband is almost 6 years post CF double lung transplant and we are truly blessed. He waited 3.5 years and had 5 dry runs before his miracle (perfect) hand-me-down lungs. It was a true blessing to see him take his first deep breath!

    Feel free to follow our transplant blog and contact me if I can be of any assistance:

  3. I couldn't wait to read updates when I woke this morning. Congrats Beth! In the past 3 months, Jess, Jim, Piper and you have received an awesome gift. Heres to a smooth recovery!!


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