Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Child Can't Swallow Pills !

This is an informative CG Public Service Announcement to show you the horrifying truth about what will happen to CF children who don't swallow their pills properly with water or milk. Be warned, this video contains graphic pudding imagery.

The actual message of this video is that even though I tried my whole life to swallow pills with water like a grown-up person, and even though I literally had to attend something called "Tongue Thrust Therapy" to correct my "dysfunctional swallowing" for which I endured several forms of harassment by my two teenage siblings, and even though I am now about to be 30 -- twice a day I take all my pills in a pudding cup. That's the only way they go down. When pressed, I can take one or two pills with water, but other than that, I swallow them with solid foods during meals.

SUCCINCT MESSAGE: Don't sweat the small stuff. Swallowing pills . . . very small stuff (especially when the smalls stuff is a BIG pill or ten!)



  1. I used to open them up and just swallow the inside. I agree as long as they go down, it doesn't matter how!

  2. I love this!!
    Skye does an interesting thing...she LOVES to take her pills. The minute I take our her bottle of creon she attacks me and jumps all over the place!!
    Opens her mouth wide and in go 4 capsules. She then gentle cracks open each capsule in her mouth and swallows the beads with her spit.
    She is g-tube fed so rarely does liquid or food go down her throat...spit is her own little way :) She has been doing this since she was 6 months old, and oh how thankful I am!!

  3. Ha! I still have pudding nightmares from childhood. I can't stand anything that is even close to the same texture as pudding, applesauce, etc. Guess it's a good thing I learned how to swallow a handful of pills at once.

  4. Good job figuring out a way to do it, CG! Plus, what can be better than pudding? Okay, some things are better, but pudding is pretty good.


  5. OH my god, you are so my Soul Cyster whatever you want to call it - I had to do Tongue Thrust Therapy, too!!! But now I swallow like a champ.... er... pills, I swallow many pills at once with minimal liquid. This is just one more reason why CG is so darn cute and lovable!

  6. My parents used to open my pancrelipase into my ketchup when I was first diagnosed. Now its no problem-o. Hope your docs know about this so they can get those meds in you!

  7. :) I'm still laughing about this. :)

  8. I was watching an old game show, and one of the questions was do doctors recommend you tilt your head forward or backward when taking pills.

    The answer was forward. So I tried it with my anti-rejection meds. Which I think is usually close to 12-14 pills in one shot, and it did help a little.

    Twitter: @CDF12345
    The absolute worst drug to take is predisone, worst taste ever, and if you take more that .8 seconds before swallowing you'll be tasting it for about an hour afterward.

  9. omg @battery. I love your comment because I didn't have to return to my pudding days until I started PREDNISONE. I absolutely drown that b. in chocolate pudding so none of its poison-ness infects my mouth. I agree!!

  10. omg, this is genius! I am horrible at swallowing pills. I wish there was a tongue-thrust class for we "normal" (non-CF/non-theater) people!

  11. Tongue Thrust Therapy is for anyone who can't swallow right. I had to go because my side teeth weren't coming in all the way because I was thrusting my tongue against them when I swallow, which I guess is how little kids swallow, and adults put their tongue against the roof of their mouth...? Random. I'm still a thruster.


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