Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Today was some crazy beans, well not really.

I am 'zosted today. That is code for exhausted. I have realized that my blog is best read aloud. Be advised.

Today I went to brekky with my pal C-Teach and his baby B-baby, who I adore. Then, I went to Staples to buy envelopes appropriate to


Then, I discovered that mailing t-shirts will be my cardio for the day.
Also, I had fun writing GERM ALERT!! signs on the envelops of CFers and post-TXers-- "You bettah clean yo shirt! Eww...it's germie!!" etc

The point of this email is that for no reason in particular I am so f tired today that I can't f believe it. I had a brief but lovely email correspondence with the good Dr. U-Bird, who is trying to solve the Mystery of Cystic Gal's Iron Level, which he referred to as "a very boring mystery." - Indeed.  I wish there were exciting transplant-related mysteries going on in my body. Then again, perhaps I should bite my tongue.

I'm going to do a second, informative post for parents momentarily . . . just you watch!!

Goodnight. Any thoughts on the sleepies?


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