Thursday, July 22, 2010

well this'll be a quick post

I have had so many wonderful visitors this month of July that I have not been doing that many high-quality posts, so many of you wonder what's going on... I'm going to try to give you a top ten list as quick as I can (another guest on the way) to tell you what's going on:

1. I started developing websites for me theatre colleagues and friends. I really enjoy this and wowsers, I'm good at it to.

2. I've been packin' and shipping Cystic Gal t's! Already sold out of gray adult medium! Contemplating 2nd order.

3. Preparing 2nd printing of UNTO THE EAST.

4, Reading, but not  writing, many poems. Feeling sort of blank.

5. Had 2 dry runs but you know of those- and 2 other "offers" that did not result in even getting a call.

6. Needing new clothes as my ever growing BMI dictates that nothing fits me. As someone who hasn't changed sizes since the year 1997, this has been daunting to me. In a good, but annoying, way. Most of you don't know this about me, but I am super cheap when it comes to item-procurement, and super uncheap when it comes to convenience/experience. Buying clothes, as a most inconvenient boring experience resulting in the procurement of items, is a real chore for me.

7.  Spending time with B-Kitty who is acting super old lately now that she is single and apparently, not ready to mingle.

8.  Watching lots of old episodes of THE CLOSER. I love that sassy lady, and I love a good cop show.

9. Wondering why I have been on the list so long and preparing to face the music that it's been 9 months. If this was a maternity time, I would have a stupid baby by now. I mean, a smart baby. You know what I mean.

10. I have been "consulting" for a theatre. Apparently, this means when you continue to do what you used to do, only without showing up. I really like consulting.

xxoo, probably no post til Tuesday,


  1. Yay, second printing! Congrats.

  2. What poems have you been reading? Also, have you ever seen The Shield? Best cop show ever. Get the DVDs


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