Monday, August 10, 2009

CG issues a public apology to male readers

I'm sorry for talking about my boobs so much. One more week, gentlemen. Hang in there.

Ok. I'm in the hospital and I'm getting my port in tomorrow. Thus, I'm going to read as much as I can about it tonight so I'm feeling super prepared. UNLESS, I start to feel more anxious. Then, I will stop reading.

More later.

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  1. Why would male readers not want to read about boobs? A port goes by my boobs too, so keep on talking it up!

    Keep us up to date!


  2. Good luck tomorrow!!!!

  3. Indeed, you should be apologizing to your female readers.

  4. Hello, CG!

    Men and women love to read about boobs. No apology necessary! I am convinced that it's the shape, not the size - in general - and those lovely tits will be lovely even if they lose/gain a bit of heft.

    On other less chesty topics, I hope all is well over there. I think I left you a message today. I am a bit doofy currently with cold and jet-lag and other minor crap.

    Please remember - do not eat hospital fish! Listen well to those wise older nurses and feel free to ignore those that look like they may not have been Bat Mitzvahed yet. No offense to the youngsters but experience counts when one is lying there vulnerable.

    I do not have CF but I am experienced in many things hospital. Oh you're not bizzy- here's a list:

    1.) The doctor will come - someday. Write down your questions because s/he ain't comin' back today. If you remember an important one ask the smart nurse and she will contact Dr. if need be.

    2.) Nurses know almost everything.

    3.) Doctors who say they know everything know nothing.

    4.) Doctors who say "I don't know" are worth holding onto.

    5.) Even the "best" hospital may stick you with an infectious roommate - be vigilant!

    6.) Keep purelling your hands - a lot of people are on there because of what they caught in there (sorry that sounds negative).

    7.) Read/watch trashy stuff but NOT hospital dramas. Jeez.

    8.) Ask for two Johnnies.

    9.) Call your friendsies because the only reason they did not call you is they are worried they will wake/bother you.

    10.) Not sure whether to bother the nurse? Bother her! That's her job, Honey.


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