Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jig

I am home tonight. Thus, an equation:

1 Cystic Gal+
2 Cats +
O2 Concentrator+
IV Meds+
Normal Meds+
Peapod Delivery+
Laundry Drop Off+
Wanessa (if you don't know, you haven't been reading!)+
Full TIVO+
H-Mama, J-Frusb, T-Money, J-teach+
All of my colleaguial love and support+
Bloggy Following and Support+
Awesome CF Team+
At least 3 Faux-Boyfriends=

1 Happy, but busy, Cystic Gal at the at-home hospital

More tomorrow! L'Chaim!


  1. What does one do to become a faux boyfriend? Do you alert them that they are only faux? When do approach the faux boyfriend about his status, if ever?


  2. So glad you are home!!!!! :)

  3. WELCOME HOME! Isn't it nice to have a space that is all yours. ;-) I'm confused about the faux boyfriends??? I was aware of 2 - who is #3? Is THAT ME? LOL


  4. Hooray for CG @ HOME! :)
    That sounds like a television show on TLC or something... ;)

  5. Oh Ronnie, CysticGal and CysticLady always have faux-boyfriends around. It is usually consummated by one of us pointing at a boy and declaring he is our boyfriend. Occassionally a boy is alerted to this status, but then he is not fun anymore. CL

  6. Indeed, that is one method to having a faux-boyfriend. "Declaration-By-Force" Faux Boyfriends. However, the ones referred to above are more the "Faux by Choice" Boyfriends, meaning that they are men I love and adore and for one reason or another, there is 0% chances of me having sex with them. Of this fact, we are mutually aware.

  7. OMG and Ronnie I forgot, YOU are one of my faux-boyfriends, remember? YOU ARE MY BLOGGY BOYFRIEND!

    I canNOT believe you forgot. Harumph! We are really on the rocks now, buddy. ;)

  8. J-Frusb in the House! TradiSHUUUUUUUN...TRADITION!


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