Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Birthday Totally Blows

It is my 29th birthday today.

Girgle Girgle.

Last night I had a fun dinner planned with an attractive male companion.

Which is, you know, the perfect time for hemoptysis.

Girgle Girgle.

My night was ruined.

Later, getting ready for bed (alone, duh).

Girgle Girgle.

Sleep, ruined!

Today, on my way to rehearsal for a perfect

Oh wonderful play with a wonderful team of wonderfuls

Girgle Girgle Flood Spit Flood Spit Flood Flood Spiiiiit.

(Flashforward 12 hours)

To bed, in the ER, still waiting for a bed.

More tomorrow.

My Birthday Totally Blows.

(So just in case that wasn't clear, I had a lot of hemoptysis two times this morning, after 2 lesser times last night, and with my history decided to come on in. Now, waiting for a bed, started some IVs, tomorrow starting some hormones and getting my PORT put in. So keep those "your boobs'll be fine" comments coming. And I'll miss the rest of the play I'm directing with at least 2 new fabulous colleagues which was a wonderful opportunity to me that is now ruined, and and and I have to cancel a party on Saturday. And, it's my birthday. Have I said that already? So yes, I'm a brat right now. I'm going to bed now. So there.)

Love, CG


  1. Happy (Bloody) Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry that you had to spring a leak on your birthday...but don't worry, your boobs will be fine.


  2. Happy Birthday to you!! Wonder if this hunky man doesn't mind that you're 'leaking!' He could keep you company in the ER! Chin up buttercup!

    PS your boobs will be A-OKAY!

    ~Kacie AKA Lucy's mom

  3. Save the ta-ta's!

    My aunt has this BCA bumper sticker on her car but I figured it was just as appropriate for us CG's right now.

    Feel better!!!

  4. Well Happy Birthday hun!!! Even if it means you have to spend it in lock up argh!

    And the boobies will be ok :)

  5. I am the nurse who told you to keep your arm straight. You are a hoot. Told you i'ld check your blog and am glad I did. I'll be mentioning it to my patients with CF. Although our encounter was brief it will remain memorable. As much as I enjoyed meeting you, I hope I never see you here again. Thanks.

  6. hang in there mate your in the best place...get yourself fixed up and come back stronger and fighting fit

  7. Keep that chin up (so we can get a look at those fab tits)you are going to be fine. We're rooting for you on Beacon Hill. Love and love.

  8. Happy birthday even though the day has sucked! I found that with a push up bra you can't tell I have a port. You boobs will be fine. The bigger the boobs the less your port will show. Take care!!!

  9. Sorry your birthday sucked and you're going to miss your play!! Birthdays are lame anyway.

    Hope you are starting to feel better. Now I'm off to google hemoptysis...you know, I have already learned a lot about CF from reading your blog. Thanks, CG.


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