Friday, August 28, 2009

There's Always Tomorrow

Today was not that much better than yesterday. But it was better.

Things that made it better:

1)I called the CF Clinic and said, Hey man, this thing where I have to take 1/2 of my anti-depressant because of it's contraindication with my oral antibiotic is, like, uh, not working. Since I'm crying and sleeping all day and stuff. So we agreed that after these 3 weeks, I can go back to the antidepressant at full blast and stop taking that particular antibiotic (1 of the 3 I'm on currently).

2) I called my friends back (T-Money and H-Mama). Both called me yesterday and though I have to admit, I didn't really enjoy talking to them since I was all doomy and gloomy, it was better that I talked to them. Ditto for CysticMommy and CysticLady.

2.5) I still took a nap. I decided that no day is so bad, or so good, that taking a nap cannot indeed make the day even better. KEY: I limited my nap to a decent 2 hours. A normal-people-nap. I even answered my phone when N-Pregg called from clinic. I was not in the DOOM NAP. I was in a normal sleepy nap.

3) I had dinner with T-Money, H-Mama, J-Frusb, J-Baby and M-blankie. Nothing to brighten the mood like meeting a friend's new cat and holding a friend's baby, who officially learned what an "owwie" was by pointing at my port site. I even think I heard her say "All wrapped up!" back to me as I explained it to her. That J-Baby, she's a J-Genius. I also used my crazy cat lady skillz to coax M-blankie out from under the bed.

4) I outted my blog onto my facebook so now my blog is officially out of the closet. Everyone in my life can read the juice details of this health conundrum I'm in. "And F 'em if they can't take a joke" about some of the posts for chriy-yie.

5) I made dinner plan with a certain gentleman tomorrow for Jazz music, O2 sniffing and yummy food. It is certain to be the best non-date I've had in awhile. (Though I'll miss J-Teach, who is out of town).

In closing of tonight's post:

To Feel Better When You Are Extremely Gloom and Doom (EGD):

1. Do not pretend you are over the gloom or the doom (OGD) until indeed you are OGD.

2. Communicate with your docs when you are feeling EGD. Ask yourself, "Are there any chemical reasons that I am EGD?" Things that can lead to EGD: changes to psych meds (duh); pain meds; low O2; hormonal changes (either pharmaceutical or natural); alcohol use; low blood pressure; nutrition problems; blood sugar problems; etc. Adjust what you can with your doc's approval if you sense a problem.

3. Call back at least 1/2 of the people that call you (let's be realistic here.) See #1. It is very important to remember #1 when you do #2 or you will have to revert to yesterday's post altogether.

4. Call back family members and still adhere to #1 unless indeed you are OGD.

5. Take a reasonable length nap. There is never a day so good, nor so bad, that a nap cannot make it infinitely better.

6. Create a specific plan to be around another human, any human, and consume foods. If pets and babies can be involved, all the better. Pets nor babies are capable of EGD, and being around them increases the chances of one becoming OGD at a faster rate.

7. Be more honest with more people about your feelings. This is a good non-EGD rule as well.

8. Make some special plans for some special sort of something to happen at a future time, so that you will look forward to it and have a goal to be OGD by that time.

Goodnight and a non-EGD day to you,


  1. Here's to a non-EGD day tomorrow and a great non-date...what is that exactly?


  2. "Eff 'em if they can't take a joke" is a useful response to a surprisingly lage number of situations. I like your attitude.

  3. I like saying "eff 'em!" :) So glad you're feeling a bit better - I wish this weather would help a sistah out! Sunshine tomorrow!!!

  4. A date with a gay guy is a non-date. All of the fun, none of the action.

  5. I need some gay guy friends.

  6. I need a gay guy friend LOL!!

    Glad you are feeling better today.


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  8. You can borrow J-Baby any time you want. She is definitely a EGD antidote.


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