Sunday, August 9, 2009

I Work Hard To Be Pretty

Tonight I was going to write a great article about vanity in the Cystic Gal equation, and reference a poem by my friend K. Rooney, which references something I said once, or maybe a couple of somethings a few times. So really I woulda ended up skipping the part where I reference her and just reference me and then brilliantly extemporize.

Then I worked out.
Now my headache is back.
Now I'm to bed.

I'm zeroing in on the headache being caused by higher use of supplemental O2, which does NOT lead to low O2, but might lead to CO retention. I'm a disaster.

Doctor next week.

This week, L'Chaim.



  1. CG -

    Sorry you aren't still feeling better. I'm fighting the beast here at UAB (pneumonia) but slowly and surely he's going down.

    I hope you start feeling better soon ... look forward to your posts.


  2. Brandi! I e-miss you. I hope you are feeling better and I'll try to check in with you tonight. Are you on twitter?

  3. Feel better soon, CG, and I hope you eventually get around to posting that post, not just because it may or may not reference me. It sounds fascinating.

  4. CG-

    I am home and wrote you on old-fashioned email only to discover you have had far too eventful two weeks. Aw, crap. I will be non-CF idiot and assume my cold should not be anywhere near you? Is that just hooey? How might a pal be a pal?

    xxoooHoping your O2 gets 0-Better


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