Sunday, August 2, 2009

Quickie 2

The second quickie is never as good as the first.
First you do a quickie and you think, hey! that was fun!
Then you do a second and you think, well that's just great. now we're at this phase in the bloggy relationship. already. that's just great.

haha. ok, I'll change the subject.

Exercise today- Remember about two weeks ago I gave up running and I wrote a big bloggy about it with Homer Simpson at the top? How could I forget? These past three days of trying to run again were more stupid than Homer J. Simpson. My workout is going great every morning until I try to run for a mesely (measily? meazilly? Is that even a real word?) for 45 FRIGGIN seconds (friggin is not a real word but at least I know for sure how it's spelled) - I am ruining the glory of my morning workouts.

Tomorrow, the true test. First day of rehearsal. Must exercise at 5:45. That's right, in the aaaaaaaaaa mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

It's a plan.

In the meantime, my yuckie production has quadrupled. If I were a Yuckie Factory, which by definition, the CFers are, I would be rockin the profits.

Go me, get my Yuckies out.

Only downside: sorta wheezy. I think this will pass. I have always had the trouble that the clearer my chest is, the worse my asthma symptoms are. Ironic how my lungs can get irritated just by being exposed to the actual air and not layered in Yuckies, isn't it?

Ok, this Yuckie post is making me feel yuckie.

Goodnight to you,

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  1. Good luck in the aaaaaaaaa mmmmmmmm! I'll be up bright and early also walking my little buns off!



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