Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm Ok, You're Ok

Thanks for the messages and tweets sayin', "Hey CG, where you AT?!"

I had a poopy appointment at the doctor yesterday and I've been in a bad mood for two days. Hence, I have not posted anything. Yet, I am fine. More later today. I'm gonna try to write today while I do my meds even IF I'm in a bad mood about it.

So there.

And my cat is acting old and sick.

:( That doesn't help.

At the doctor yesterday, my anxiety was really kickin' in. Plus two drugs I'm on increase my blood pressure. So my blood pressure was high and we thought, let me take some time and CTFO, chill the f out. During this CTFO time, they brought me jelly beans.


I think not.

More later.


  1. To my favorite CG -

    Sorry you are feeling crappy. Hope your CTFO time gave you a little measure of sanity.

    Feel better soon ~ bankrgrl

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