Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Joke From God

I have a quirky relationship with God. Growing up Catholic, then straying/returning/straying/returning/un-declaring from Catholicism has provided me with a bizarre blending of the many ways in which the persona of God has been portrayed. Maybe you are like this too. You have a God that you think of, and you are certain that your picture of God is different than any other person's picture. Perhaps you and God share a chat every now and then.

My God is there for me for the serious situations. But he also has a comical side.

Every once in awhile, my God likes to send me a little sarcastic joke.

I promise you the below story is true.

I had a good day today at work, and tried all my magical ways to keep my oxygen perfect. (Laughter can begin here.) Despite my flawless and inspiring efforts at health maintenance, and a cup of coffee, I was developing a headache at the end of the day. As I made the heroic journey up the stairs from my basement, where I, like a good domestic partner to S-Purry and B-Kitty, put some laundry in, my headache became much worse. I stepped out onto my porch and sat, wearing my oxygen, trying to figure out if my headache was getting worse from climbing the stairs (I was low), or turning the juice up in anticipation of climbing the stairs (I was high/ dehydrating my sinuses). Feeling so very bad for my little self (sigh), I sat and became teary.


A robust specimen of shirtless athleticism rode his bike past my house.

I thought, "No wonder sick people feel like life is passing them by."

A mother and her teeny tiny baby (no stroller) passed by.

I thought, "Life is literally passing me by."

A car with a huge . . . ? magnet? on the car door, which said "choose LIFE" passed me by.

I laughed.

The moral of this joke to me from God: I was spending too much time on the porch feeling sorry for myself and not doing anything about my headache, or my life.



  1. I wasn't sure where you were going, but I like where you ended!

    I guess choose LIFE doesn't always have to be a political debate :)

    So what are you going to do tomorrow to choose life?


  2. I think that tomorrow is another day. I just did a crazy ass workout. Now, to bed. Tomorrow, to choose life, I will get up earlier, and wear my O2 more in front of the kids.

    Today I was pretty good at choosing life until the laundry.

    I'm sure that tragedy has befallen us all.

    Laundry brings out the inner drama queen in many.

  3. Haha that IS funny!
    you should probably choose life, and take a

    I always think me and God are gonna have this HUGE talk when I get to heaven.

    He's gonna be like, "remember all those times you joked about me?", "like the time you were at the lecrae concert, and your friend said what if Jesus came back right now?", and you said, "he'd probably say, TURN THAT MUSIC DOWN! My Dads trying to sleep!"

    God is very comical in my life too!

  4. I love all aspects of this post. I have the same type of relationship with God. He makes me laugh a lot!!

    When you started talking about the shirtless guy on the bike, I thought the story was going somewhere else. I figured you were going to thank God for giving you a headache at that monment.

    I am glad you are choosing life.

    PS those stairs to do laundry get me every time!

  5. lol, I think my God and your God do chat... and I love when he sends me signs in the most okay I GOT IT kinda a way.... I believe God has a wonderful sense of humor. Loved your story! Marcy

  6. I love this story!!!!! Some of my favorite life lessons are "scenes" from a passerby on the street or a commuter on the train. On my way to see you, two mothers with two baby carriages were blocking the doorway on the subway. I didn't want to disturb them so I tried to sneak in on the side. The entryway was too narrow and I lost my footing and began to fall backwards. The woman quickly put her hands behind my back to brace my fall. I smiled and thought to myself that was the "care and the reflexes of a MOM!" LIFE teaches us something everyday if we choose to pay attention. -love and hugs, najibie


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