Monday, August 31, 2009

Oh, America, you crazy dazy country full of CG Readers

It's funny, I was just thinking:

I wrote a post that made fun of a bald guy, quoted but did not name a former co-worker (who frankly, no one liked anyway...and it was like 7 years ago), dissed casseroles, and shared a sad feeling, and I got 12 comments, 3 emails, and 5 phone calls.

I wrote a post that told you that not everything I write is true, that I reserve the right to delete your comments, and that delves into the emotions instead of just labeling them- and no one responds.

That "Readers' Digest," they're really on to something.

Ok, enough about the blog. Back to the regular topic: ME!

Tomorrow is the Kickoff of the "Unleash Your Story" fundraising event for the CF Foundation. I invite you, implore you, demand you to join Team Cystic Gal today! You don't have to donate money yourselves, I mean - some of you are poor! unemployed! cheap! - but if you can get some other, kinder, more-employed, less-cheap person to donate even one hard-earned dollar (or even one that they found in an old coat pocket), you are the team member I need! Click HERE to join!

My sister, CysticLady, started a bloggie of her own! Click HERE to find out about her journey to the US Transplant Games in Madison Wisconsin one year from now! Also, see funny videos of me and my family cheering her on. CysticLady and Cystic Gal are pleased to bring you future posts in this CysticFamily Fashion. It's like the Simms. With coughing! Also, you can experience a cruise with the CysticSisters if you choose to click on that label.

I have to save my better, more poetic brilliance for tomorrow- when the unleashing begins!!



  1. That reminds me: I meant to write a comment about casseroles and how I don't know if it's the truth or if it's just truthy when you say you don't like them, but maybe you've just been eating the wrong casseroles? They're kind of a great genre of food.

    Beyond that, though, I also meant to say I like how you laid it out for your readers that the "truth" is more complex than just listing some facts or sticking to chronological accuracy. Nicely done.


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