Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Trifecta of Headaches: O2 call for help!!

I have been pretty down for the count these last two nights with the Trifecta of headaches:

Low Oxygen leading to Low O2 headache, leading to...

Lots of oxygen, causing very dry sinuses and THAT sort of O2 headache, leading to saline spray, tylenol and home remedies followed by a nap, leading to . . .

Sleeping through my 2nd daily cup of coffee, which all creates . . .

The low O2, dehydration, caffeine headache.


CG needs oxygen tips.

When your need for oxygen goes up, how to avoid running out of oxygen while AT work?

When your oxygen goes low, to bring it up gradually on low Liter volume, or blast it up with 3 or 4 Liters?

When your nose and sinuses are dry, best solutions? What's the AC got to do with it? Should I just turn the darn things off?

Should you take meds for the headache? Or does that make the dryness worse?

How does caffeine play into all this?

Holy poops I need some advice!! Please feel free to pass this on. I've been in the bed blinded with headache two nights in a row after two intense days at work where I was fine fine fine until I had to get up and find my way to my car :(


  1. That Stinks!!!! And yes, capital S. I wish I could help, but unfortunately I can't...but I can say a little prayer for you...there you go, prayer sent.

    Feel Better!!!!!!


  2. Cystic Gal -

    Do you have a humidifier on your O2 tank before it connects to the cannula? I know if I ever take the humidifier off that the air gets super dry and the symptoms you are talking about feel very much the same.

    Just a thought, my portable O2 doesn't have a humidifier, but since I'm not using for great lengths of time (i.e. overnight), then it's been OK. But when I'm home I use my full size machine with the humidifier. Check with your O2 company about trying one out.

  3. Hey Cystic Gal...sorry you are having so many headaches. Has cystic lady given you any advise? I would also try posting this post on the CF list serve. Someone is bound to come up with an answer from lived experience(praxis). See you soon.

  4. Sinus rinse with a saline solution and a neti pot twice a day help with my dry sinuses.

  5. Hey Mate..

    Pegson from Oz here..

    I only use oxygen when i'm in hospital or come home on out and about..However the last I was on it for more than 3 weeks I suffered from the issues you described..

    I simply got water for injection and placed it in a normal mask not mouth piece (i have learnt to sleep with them on from when mum would whack my ventolin on half an hour before i got up) so yeah water for injection in a mask so it puts some dampness in that o2.

    also you may already use this...its called Nilstat here its like a mouth antibiotic tastes of cherry and is yellow it really help with the dry mouth and throat..

    Just speaking to a mate with cf who just turned 50 so he has some experience...he reckons if you drink plenty of water before bed it will give u a buffer to prevent drying out also..

    but yeah my two cents for whats it worth


  6. Don't blast up to 4ltrs. I have the same problem; thought I was unique (ha ha ha). Start out small 1/2 ltr. below normal and just rest; but for 20-30 min, as needed throughout day. It works for me. May or may not for you. I still have problem of "no instant cure". Not like taking a tylenol for a headache; more like rubbing a sore muscle. Slow, intermittent, longer term. I still want instant.
    Rand. McConnell (HuhDiduSeeDat@)


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