Friday, August 14, 2009

CG Readership Stats for August, 2009

CG Readership Stats!

Because I missed a post while in the hospital, I invite you to read the readership stats as updated recently. I am excited about the growth of my blog, in just 60 days of writing!!

*All stats updated on 8/15/09
**All stats prepared via - it's crazy psychic.

1,814 Unique Readers.
818 Returning CG Readers

80 Daily CG Readers
16 New CG Readers Daily - Holy Poops!

31 US States with CG Readers!
Most (163) Readers are in Pennsylvania - and I don't even live there!
11 Countries with CG Readers!

84 Twitter Followers
35 Bloggy Followers
8 Medical Professionals Who Read CG! (8/1-8/15)- I would like this number to grow
0 Real Complaints, 1 sort of casual complaint

Crazy Facts: 7% of CG Readers found my site by googling the word "yuckies"
32% of CG Readers spend more than an hour when visiting the site.


  1. A casual complaint? About what? Hmmph. The nerve.

    I would like to complain about your complainer. your blog is primarily uplifting, but also engaging, funny, and educational. I say the complainer is a poophead.

  2. I love reading your writing (when I have time in my busy life). It's scary sometimes, because I do sometimes fear my own future and reading someone else's can be a bit frightening. But at the same time, you are a story of strength and I admire you for it.

    And I found you through a friend who also has CF. We tend to stick together, ya know? :]


  3. You made me crack up when you wrote "Holy poops" - I may need to use that in my next conversation! ... with a promise to credit you. ;-)

  4. Great stats CG! I only wish to keep up with you, but I'm afraid you're pulling away from me!



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