Thursday, August 20, 2009

Paparazzi, BACK T. F. UP!

Photo of me. :)

Dear CG Readers,

This is my 100th post. It is not just a cosmic coincidence that last night I was on the phone with my friend Kathleen Rooney, asking her, "I think I should stop being anonymous with the blog - Go public -What do you think?" (She agreed that I should and coached me through it. Big thanks, KR!)

The blog has been receiving some web mentions, one in particular for the "Unleash Your Story" fundraiser for the CF Foundation. I am going to be participating in this fabulous event and will write a post either later today or tonight outlining the event and inviting YOU, CG Reader, to join Team Cystic Gal! In the mean, time, read this article, and slay the dragon in your life today!

With love and non-anonymity,

Cystic Gal, ME


  1. Excellent photo! I'm a bit confused about the fundraiser but happy to help. xo

  2. Dun dun dun's good to finally know who CG is! People call you Beth though right? Not Mary? Can I call you Lizzy?

    Also, I don't really get the "unleash" event either, but then again, I'm a moron.


  3. It's nice to finally see you :)

    I understand the writing challenge :) I hope you do it!!!! I am considering it but I have a fundraiser every year and would feel bad asking for money yet again when so many people I know are out of work...

  4. Does that mean that I'm unleashed too?

  5. Hooray! This is great in and of itself, of course, but personally, I'm relieved because I no longer have to frantically delete any comments where I accidentally call you "Beth Peters" thereby inadvertantly revealing your secret identity--though I think I'll still try to call you CG here.

  6. Well hello BETH PETERS! That kickass headshot is reason enough to "come out."

  7. Congrats... Beautiful Pic!!!!

  8. What they said! Love your hair, wish I had the guts to go that short. Looks super cute on you!

    Congrats on outing yourself, too...Even with the tiny pic and first name, I still can't go all the way, quite yet. Not quite sure how bloggyfamous I really would be comfortable with yet, given my issues with nuanced disclosure and illness-as-identity. but that's all foder for an upcoming post, so I won't dump it all here!

    YAY for BETH! (although I still love, and will keep using, CG).

  9. Hi Beth! Oddly I was looking for images of dark storm clouds and I came across your blog and was held captivated here for a while; isn't the Internet an odd and wonderful thing.

    You have provided some great insight and perspective today, but no stormy images. You are a very pretty girl I must say though and your image is very memorable.

    It was a pleasure spending time with you today. I hope you are feeling the love I'm sending from Texas on this beautiful Saturday!

    - Terry


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