Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Picture of the Day

First day home from the hospital. Full report:

I accomplished all of my hospital related tasks. Only exception: I did pulmozyme once and hypertonic saline once. Did not do either of them twice. Figured, first day home after hemoptysis. Takin' it easy.

I worked out for 20 minutes and it went well. I wore my oxygen all day and the only time I left the house was to go to CVS (ahh!) and to go the vet to get antibiotics (ironically) for S-Purry^.

Wanessa (ahh) comes tomorrow. Last week, she must have thrown out my Yuckie cup. So today, I had to make a new one. My yuckie cup is where I put the yuckies. I like it better than little diseased dixie cups in my house or in my garbage cans. I put my yuckies in it, and then I rinse em down the toilet, then I squirt some sort of yuckie-killing household cleaner (whichever one is around) in there, and rinse. I take pleasure in writing YUCK!! all over my Yuckie cup so that I know never to drink from it, and that it is okay to clean it with household cleaners. Neither yuckie, nor bleach residue, should ever go IN. They only STAY OUT!!


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  1. I've never had a yuckie cup but I guess it's something I should look into. I prefer to spit my yuckies on the ceiling above me.



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