Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Can we pretend that airplanes In the night sky are like shooting stars?

If you like hybrid genre music including rap and singer/songwriters (which I do), and you need a little uplift (uh, I do), you might like the song that has MADE MY DAY. It is called, "Airplanes" by B.O.B. featuring Hayley Williams from Paramore (and tell me again why I don't get sponsorships for my blog?)

Some lyrics:

"Can we pretend that airplanes
In the night sky
Are like shooting stars
I could really use a wish right now (wish right now, wish right now)"

This song is the bomb-diggity. In other news. An exploration...

Girl A

This week's task is a big one. I've had a couple of bad weeks around here. In fact, a lot of bloggies have been feelin' down, it seems. I blame the cold NE weather. I blame the so-called "lung drought," -yes, it's actually been called that (though not by my teams). I blame CF. Finishing another round in the hospital, and finishing home IVs including embolization plans and a "is my port ruined?" scare- I had it up to here with this whole little project we call, "The Transplant Journey." I was thinking it should be called, "The Transplant Hell Hole" or "The Transplant Transformation into Someone You Don't Recognize, Thinking Thoughts You Never Thought Before, and Looking Different Than You Ever Did, and Why Can't I Remember Anything? Time for a Nap." Which brings me to my point- this week's task: Remembering the ways in which that girl (up there), is the same as this girl (down there):

Girl B

And yes, I did choose to use the professional shot where for some reason I appear to be rolling around on the ground, which apparently in the theatre really conveys, "teaching artist"- also to annoy J-Prof^.

For the readers at home, you might be thinking, well duh, of course these are the same two people. Alas, it must be proven. Girl A has forgotten all sorts of things that Girl B used to love, believe in, do and enjoy. A list must be compiled and checked off. Girl B will not go down without a fight.

First task for Girl C: A Return to the Grocery Store. Some of my early blog readers may recall the horrifying Stop n Show Experiences in the summer of '09 and a repeat performance even over Christmas. Bravely, Girl C will go to the grocery store tomorrow, and report back.


  1. All right, I really like this post and girl A. However, what is up with the floor shot? Did you not own furniture? I busted up seeing that one. Lost a contact or something or did the small animals run away? Should have been an action sequence with you running then sliding across the wood floor with your arms stretched out like That Girl in NYC.

    So, here is my suggestion for photo of girl c, which completely confuses me because I'm a guy and can't keep up with this craziness of all these girls. I think you need to go to the mall and take one of them thar posing shots you see hanging on kiosks. You may want to dress up in old western wear and shoot it in black and white, or make it futuristic and wear a space suit. I am really digging this idea. I may go take one with a bag on my head. Let's see them hang that one in the mall.

    BTW, you may want to check out my new post. I gave you a starring role. (Mad professor laugh) HAHAHAHA. BTW, I hope you feel better. As always, my best to you.

  2. PS: i forgot to mention that you have your arms, damnit. always remember that you still have your arms.

  3. i love this! oh my god i love this so much!

    seriously, it's like you're inside my mind. only not so much in a creepy "help i'm trapped in piper's mind" way or in an even creepier stalker-like way -- i mean it in the best "how is it even possible that someone a whole city away from me could be having such a similar (crappy) experience" kind of way.

    i promise that made sense in my mind.

    anyway, another major score for CG and her amazing, wonderful, fabulously insightful blog. thanks for leaking a little light into this fellow cystic gal's "transplant hell hole."

  4. @UC - I think its hilarious that most girls like the crazy floor shot, and most boys focus on its utter ridiculouslness. So great. I think a Glamour Shot (which is what I think you are referring to,) might just be in order. hahahhaa.

    @Piper- thanks, lady. You post my thoughts all the time, too.

    And yes, we both still have our arms, and our eyes to glare at stupid people who make bad jokes!

  5. Thank you for calling my attention to this song. Poptacular.

  6. Both you and Piper took the words right out of my mouth (and off my blog). I have been out of touch with all my CF-bloggies after mass craziness of last hospital visit and dealing with this crazy beast called CFRD and having bouts of high blood pressure.

    Being well medicated today, I feel slightly more human. I am going to try and rejoin the writing world soon.

  7. @KR- "Poptastic" is good or bad from you?! You always keep me on my toes about pop culture likes and dislikes.


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