Monday, May 10, 2010

Video about Shirts and Bras and Packing

So I look a little silly in this video, as I have a strapless shirt on. But I assure you, I do have a shirt on!!


  1. this will be one of the reasons I like having no boobs...won't have to worry about the no bra thing after tx :)

  2. Great video oh Braless One! xxoo

  3. This was a great video until about the one minute mark and the camera panned down to show you had clothes on. What a downer. I really thought you had decided to push the envelop on this site - Cystic Gal has lost her mind, I thought, only to have that thought crushed by a jumper or something, whatever you're wearing.

    Then to top it off, after watching the entire video, I realized I just watched a video about clothes or trying on clothes or buying clothes or who the **** knows what. Oh, my gosh. How did that happen to me? What hypnotic, Siren powers does this crazy pink site have? I feel like laying on the floor snuggling with my labrador now and having a nice cup of hot chocolate. What's happened to me? I'VE GONE MAD AND IT'S THE FAULT OF THIS SITE. ARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH. Someone turn a football game on and fire up the grill quick - before I start losing my mind - help me. please, help me.

  4. omg unknowncystic, you are so hilarious!! can i puuuulleeeease link to your blog on my blog because your post last night killed me with hilarity.

    enjoy your cocoa.

    and to think- i was going to change the site from pink to some other color. now i re-think that. pink stays!

  5. Link away. What a nice honor. Thank you, Pink Lady.


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