Monday, May 31, 2010

Rock Star Lifestyle ... or Outfit

One of the only perks about being out of work right now (other than that I keep getting better and preparing for my transplant, ahem . . . ) is that I can feel the little voice in my/your/one's mind that says, "Am I dressed conservatively enough for work?" "Does this outfit look professional?" or "Do I need to add a sweater to this?" slowly dying away. I am using this time of my life to embrace the rock and roll fashions that I have always admired.

(But, you know, don't have crazy expectations)


  1. Ha, you are adorable! I love the way you say "today"... I'm strange like that.

  2. My wardrobe has gotten pretty bad since I started working from home. I have a house frock that I got from Old Navy that I usually wear around sans underwear. Not good for house-leavin', but I love it.

  3. Moi! (You are basically fluent...)


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