Thursday, May 20, 2010

what's the buzz

So today I got an MRI. You know what's great for a headache? Going in a narrow tube with bright lights all around you, hearing loud wooshes and banging, accompanied by even louder music, and a finale scan where the thing actually shakes in some bizarro attempt to recreate shaken cystic gal syndrome or something. Alas, prelim. results were good (they let me drive home anyway) and I'll know more tomorrow.

Great news! I am going to be interviewed in a video about the transition of care, adolescence to adulthood, in CF. Must scour blog for good entries which relate, and ready my eyeliner. Must wear eyeliner for public appearances. Okay, I just added that detail because I can't let this gender war with UnknownCystic go. And I was thinking about eye liner.

I know I wrote at least one long-a post that used the phrase, "I know my parents did right by me." Must find what else I said to back that up. It's obvi true, but I can't remember my brilliant articulations.

Must I say, in the vaguest way possible, that the rest of this 48 hours has been unduly stressful. There was a phone call, and then there was a phone call, and then there was an email, and then THERE WAS AN EMAIL, and then there was me at 10pm at night reading the damn thing. I'm glad I don't send crazy lying emails to cover my A. Because my A. is always covered because in the words of my friend, I didn't do anything wrong. Ugho. AND, furthermore, since I'm inventing the art of Vague Venting on here, anyone who watches The Office should know that I particularly enjoyed David Wallace's appearance. So there.

That's all I have to say about that. But guess what, amidst all this vague, unduly stressful shizzatt, my blood pressure went up to ... I won't say, just incase the UBird is reading. And then, guess what. You know what happens when CG's blood pressure goes up? It starts with an h and ends with an s and rhymes with pepoptysis. Now that's a word jumble that'll keep you workin all night.

I am a woman of mystery this evening. Or so I think. So I am to bed without pulmozyme, kodak-share-less for the evening, and looking forward to a fabulous weekend of rest, lower bp, lower stress, and more vagueries.

Love, CG

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  1. Please! More vagueries indeed - so deliciously passive agressive. I lament that I am much more table-flipping, screeching artfully crafted verbal daggers than...vague venting. Teach me your ways, master.

    We should start a Bravo show, Real HouseGals of CF. It'd be fun, and we'd have a legit reason to go ape over little things - "to create drama and intrigue" - and could then do and say whatever we like and simply claim shoddy editing when our massive fanbase decides we're wenches.


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