Wednesday, May 19, 2010

co2 is okie doe

quick e-update for the stalkers- my co2 is fine (presumably) because i am breathing out the regular amt of CO2 (actually).

tomorrow I'm going to get an MRI, because in a truly blonde moment that @unknowncystic will truly enjoy, I forgot to tell you people that I was rear ended a couple weeks ago. Forgot, also, to tell Dr. UBird until I almost had to leave. We had a good laugh and provide you with this helpful public service message:

if you go to the doctor because of a 6-day headache, you might want to mention it if you got hit in the back of the head recently.

alas, most probably i am having some sort of regular old, actually a-typical, headache.

what is up with me and @piper getting all these "normal people" problems? If we had our transplants by now, we wouldn't even notice this b.s!

now, to bed and to watch boyfriend on tv. more laters.


  1. glad you figured out your headache. you normal cystic gal, you. XO

  2. First, I'm glad you appear to be okay. Second, yes I've noticed the blonde part, especially with today's mysterious tweets. Love the one that just said "like," as if it were too much trouble to touch more keys than necessary. Nice. Now you have me doing it. Argh.

  3. @t, today I had an MRI. You know what's great for a headache? Having an MRI of your brain. Boy that's loud. And the lab tech kept putting the music on LOUDER than the machine until I could sorta hear myself tell her, no more music, my aching eardrums!!

    still have some headache. but they let me leave. so it's probably not a brett michaels situation.

    so i got that going for me.


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