Thursday, May 27, 2010


Now accepting orders for Cystic Gal and Guy T-Shirts!

Price is dependent on orders received, but will be about

Click HERE for the Order Form

UPDATE! Orders are flying for the shirts with NO TEXT on the front- so those are the ones I'm making!!

In pink ladies' cut and gray regular t-shirt cut.

* Gal shirts are in ladies' sizes and cut to fit ladies well :)

**Guy shirts (all gray shirts) are in men's sizes, standard t-shirt cut.

HERE to order!

(no payment required until t's are ready to ship)


  1. Are they both normal "T" shirts, or are the CysticGal shirts like tighter/tailored "ladies" shirts - just curious because my frosted-miniwheat-cartoon-like figure is different sizes in each. <3 the barrel chest!

  2. What a great question! I will update the posting. The ladies' t-shirts are in women's sizes and "cut." The men's t-shirts are the standard boxy t.

  3. So, basically, girls should feel free to order the same size shirt that they buy when they are shopping for normal clothes, for the pink shirts. You don't have to order SMALL unless you buy small shirts during your normal shopping.


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