Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tonight, I am too tired to tell you about STEP 4

This is an old picture (2007?), but an accurate facial expression of how I feel about seein' my buddies!
Actually, I was on the way to teach a class called "non dance movement for the ballet student."
I love tellin' people about that crazy class.
Boy, I love my line of work.

I digress . . .

STEP FOUR! in the Get Back to Yourself Plan of 2010:

"Socialize your ass off."

Okay not really.
I had a very busy weekend which included, having friends for dinner Thursday night at my house (and I cooked:) for H-Mama, J-Baby and J-Prof
Friend over for a drink of wine on the porch on Friday (T-Money)
Dinner "date" on Saturday. (C-Dad)
Trip across town to see H-Mama and J-Prof tonight.

One social thing per day. And I'm tired!

But, I had a lot of fun this weekend, and boy did I need it!

In planning next weekend, I wrote this in an email to my friend K-?? some pseudonym I cannot recall:

"ok last thing then really to bed,
i think it's hilarious that now 2 events in one weekend = "socializing my ass off." can one "socialize" (a rather regal term) one's "ass off?" (how low brow!) My life is such a comic disaster right now. Why can't this be a sit com and not a potential tragedy?


and thus, Goodnight!

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