Sunday, May 23, 2010

dream about swimmin'

I was writing to someone recently in the blogworld that I've been having a lot of dreams about swimming lately. I thought / think these are omens about my new lungs coming.

Little know CG Trivia Fact- I was a swimmer when I was a kid, and a lifeguard and swim instructor in high school and college. That's right- I used to be healthy enough to save humans from drowning- and anyone from my lifeguarding class can attest that my lifeguarding teacher was possibly the fattest man ever seen in a bathing suit, and we had to do all our practices on him. Until I was about 20 my favorite thing to do was swim, and I loved to swim under water. Sometimes I would swim laps underwater. Same exercise. Double the fun. I thought these were dreams looking forward to my new lungs and I'll take deep breaths and let them out slowly and swim and swim and swim. Then I saw this commercial.

Warning: sorta sad commercial. but very true.

Am I just having these dreams about swimming because I cannot breathe? Oy.

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  1. IDK, I think your first instincts were at least closer, if not right - I've occasionally had the good swimming dreams (indeed, DREAMS, as I have the IRL swimming skills of a kitten)...but I've also had the "swimming" dreams that were much more "flailing about in a large body of water with nothing anywhere nearby to grasp and barely keeping my head above water and gasping and gulping and UGH" than "swimming" - and they've always been when I'm sick, and I always wake up coughing, gasping, etc.

    So since your swimming dreams are pleasant, you used to love swimming (i.e., it's not some random "what am I doing doing THIS?" thing like it is for me) and were GOOD at it, I think it's probably more of a "reminding you to hang in there because SWIMMING, underwater, strong and healthy and free is waiting for you" type of dream. That's what I'd go with. <3


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