Saturday, May 15, 2010

Step Three: Exercise Revamp, Reschedule, Recommit

Tonight I share with you, (in addition to these hilarious and informative webcam photos), the third step in the Return to Yourself 2010 Plan,

or whatever the heck I called it in the last post.

Okay, remember the days of yester-month when I was all about The Cardio? Well, what a long strange trip it's been since July. And though, I still believe that the Top Ten Excuses Not to Exercise with CF can be easily debunked by The Reasons They Are Totally Crap (see earlier CG posts), I must admit that in my new, transplant-ready lung-capacity self . . .

Pure Cardio is Pure Torture.

I've given it up.

That's right. Goodbye only-thing-I'm-workin'-is-my-broke-ass-lungs.

Hello, again, yoga, weights, stretch, pilates-style muscle isolation and generally alternative exercise measures that don't make me feel like I'm drowning.

I have some seriously crappy lungs in here. But, I also have strong legs, amazing abs (under a newly-acquired belly, thank you Lupron, Prednisone, and general ass-sitting that is non-employment), and pretty decent arms/back/shoulders.

I have been maintaining these through these steps following my ICU trip this past fall:

1) Pulmonary Rehab: 12 weeks.
2) Exercise at home, daily (including cardio)
3) Basic, I mean really basic, weight training.
4) Returning over time to a very active lifestyle
5) Where I am now: shopping is my cardio (okay, window shopping) and every morning I start (after coffee and a good breakky) with working out legs, butt, abs/back, arms.

So, I got that going for me.

Who wants tickets to the gun show?


  1. I want Tix! Is that a call out to Piper up in NY? I heart your pics, I need to get back to blogging

  2. Let me be the first to say that you're kind of nutty. Not sure I noticed this before. But then I read this post and looked at the pictures and, yep, you're a walnut, or a cashew, or some kind of nut. Perhaps, they should name one after you. Or, you could travel to the rain forest and discover one yourself and name it whatever you like.

    I also have a plan, but not get back to being me. Rather, to get back to being someone else. I suck. I need to be someone who doesn't. Thanks for motivating me to do that. First, I'll change my hair color to pink. Second, . .

    Talk to you later. BTW, your blog security system for posts drives me crazy with a capital K.


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