Thursday, May 13, 2010

Step One: complete

I. Went. To . . .

The grocery store.

It was uneventful. I took a video. I did use some alternative item procurement methods to avoid pulling my concentrator AND a cart, or lifting those baskets that are so awkward and spilltastic anyway, or having to hoist my concentrator into the cart....

I digress..

The trip was uneventful until I got to the checkout and realized that in my plans to travel light, I left my wallet in the car. Quelle emberassement! I had to go out and get it while the woman waited, but she did not seem bothered. I also noticed a helpful worker helping a woman in a wheelchair with very limited mobility do her shop, and I thought, heh, if I had a big shop maybe, just maybe, I could ask a helpful worker to help me, too.

In other news, tonight my ears blew up with pain that I have never had before, even with 10 years of swimming and lifeguarding. Owwie patowwie. I take back anything I might have previously cynically written regarding ear aches with the phrase "quit your bitchin.'" I'm not sure I ever wrote anything to this affect, but I would like to cover my bases in humble apology to the Ear Ache Goddess in hopes that she will forgive me by way of her angel Benadryl, by morning.

I also mourn the loss of an actor that I met a few times, never really knew, who certainly didn't know me, Guy Adkins, who nonetheless inspired me as a professional and artist. After his passing, I read that he has left inspiration for many, and indeed for me, in his battle against his disease (not CF). Rest easy, dance freely, sing loudly, Guy.


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  1. You are just too adorable. I really enjoying keeping up with you through your blog. Thanks for letting me have a glimpse into your world.

    Linda in Louisiana
    Mother of Mandy (with the angels) Kyle, Hunter and Brady wo/cf and Jamie 24 yom w/cf


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