Friday, May 21, 2010

Here is What with the David Wallace

Everyone on facebook wants to know, "why'd you change your profile pic to some random man?" This question comes from those who do not watch The Office, one of the finest shows on tv. Even in America. I changed my profile pic to be that of one David Wallace, the former CEO of Dunder-Mifflin, the fictitious paper company that was bought out by the more-fictitious Sabre office supply company, more hilariously headed by "Jo," played by Kathy Bates.  David Wallace, the former archetype of the caring, yet bottom-line-watching CEO, is now a shadow of his former self, having been let go by the company during its merger with Sabre.  During an episode this year, Michael Scott (Steve Carrell) goes for counsel with David Wallace over his new conflicts with Jo and the company's corrupt policies. Finding the formerly dapper, well-mannered, gracious and kind David Wallace in an unshaven, pajama-wearing, swearing state around his house, Michael Scott ends the episode announcing, "That is not David Wallace," his hero is gone.

On last night's episode of The Office, Jo was conducting a fact-finding-mission to figure out who the company whistle-blower was. Sabre, having manufactured printers that spontaneously combust, was outed to the media in a video (made by the character Andy), and several other members of the Scranton branch. The product error and safety issues, obvi, are causing quite a problem for the company. The episode is fairly hilarious, and  in a 15 second scene (one of the things I love about The Office), the pseudo-documentary filmmakers find David Wallace sitting on his front porch, still unshaven, wearing a bright yellow hooded sweatshirt.  All he says is,

"I do not want to speak directly about Dunder Mifflin. But I do want to talk about . . .  Suck It." and he smiles.

The camera pans out and we see that his sweatshirt says SUCK IT, much like this t-shirt featured today on "T-Shirt A Day".

Suck It Image 1 

I found these 15 seconds of television to be poignant, moving, and downright accurate. Like the movie UP IN THE AIR, I thought it was a timely assessment of the country's unemployment figures. And that's all I have to say about that. 

In future news, Here is What with 32,000; Here is What with My Damn Head.



  1. Potty mouth

  2. I think you should give some thought to changing the name of your blog to "Suck It." There is just something about the way you use it in sentences and posts that is go cystic gal. :-) I still remember cracking up about it when we wrote the joint post. BTW, hat happened to your poetry contest?

  3. I ordered Up in the Air via pay per view last night and the damn thing never loaded, yet they charged me for it. Talk about Suck It.


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