Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More Famouser

I just got the famous tweet! Famous tweets to date:

Leann Rimes
Simon VanKampen
Alex McCord (that makes an official Silex tweet)
Suze Orman.

I'm more famous every day.

Yesterday, photo shoot with the amazing photog. Beth Rooney

Upcoming hopeful stuff: article for the CF NewsWire, article maybe for Daily Southtown, interview maybe with NPR, interview maybe on transition (adolescent to adult) in CF.

Book your time fast, America!

More newsie and informative posts latah, playah. And yes, I am out of "jail" (the hospital).

Almost time for my bipap nap. How time flies when you need a nap!

Remind me to tell you about my new obsession with french toast, and how I actually ate 2 full orders of french toast (10 pieces of fr t) last week. This reaffirms my belief that the only way for me to gain weight is blatant binge eating as such. And with 12 pounds on in 2 months, it seems, I am correct!

ok bai.


  1. I met Suze Orman once. She was the "special guest" on a Channel 11 telethon I was answering phones at for National Honor Society. I'm sorry to say that she was a raving diva. She was rude to everyone, and when she left, the organizer of the telethon announced "Suze has left the building!!" and everyone cheered. True story.

    Also, I want to know what these people tweeted to you!! Looking forward to seeing some of Beth's pics.

  2. I am not famous but I love confectioner's sugar on French toast. Try butter under your syrup, too. And bacon.



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