Wednesday, September 30, 2009

You Owe Me Money!

It's the final night of the "Unleash Your Story" campaign for the

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. I have had a good run here! At the offset,

I hoped to raise $1000 for CF. I am a bit shy of that goal. I asked my

avid readers to donate $2 for every quality post that I wrote put up in

September. By my calculations.... If you are reading owe me...

16 quality posts times 2 dollars per post = 32 DOLLARS!

I only need 5 people to donate $32 to make my goal! Too steep?

I only need 8 people to donate $20 to make my goal! Still too much?

I only need 15 people to donate $10 to make my goal! Feelin' super broke?

5 DOLLARS. You can give up a latte or a beer in the name of my CFF campaign.

If 29 random CG readers donate $5 by clicking HERE,

or by pledging to me and then mailing a check to the CFF,

I will make my goal!!

I have to make my goal, people!!!

Have I mentioned I'm getting ready for

transplant!? You have to keep my hope

alive, people! Don't let a sick girl down!!!!

Boohoooo, I'm crying just thinking of not

making my goal!! Oh, I - can't - breathe

I'm crying so ha---arr----rrdd!

Pretty good, heh? I told you I'm a drama teacher.

In all seriousness, please donate today. Help the CF Foundation move

forward with life-saving research, patient education, and advocacy

initiatives that help the CF community, everyday. See my initial appeal

letter, below.

Love, CG

PS. Just click HERE to donate.


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  1. Only "blog semi-fame"? I think not, you are a full blown bloggerebrity!



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