Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Randomling (A Poetry Post)

Skinny Silver Time

[This poest has been deleted because it is included in my chapbook, "Into the East."]


  1. Thanks, KR. I thought of the line "silence has me..." and I kept thinking, "that sounds like something. i am thinking of another poem. i am plagiarizing something..." and then i realized...ah yes, plath. so there we go. if you can't just use it, quote it and move on! ha.

  2. PS. Is it plagiarism if the only thing you are copying is the rhythm? Discuss.

    Well, wait. It's the number of beats and also the structure

    [BIG IDEA] has me [present tense verb] like a [3 syllables indicating time].

    That is why it rang thru as plagiarism. I was like "silence sets me going like a tick tick tock"- the way it first came to my mind- and i was like, "i did NOT make that up. that is someone's poem...."



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