Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"Cyster Fibrosis"

CysticGal(l) and CysticLady(r), approx. 1983?

I grew up with a sister with CF. (CysticLady)
Yesterday I heard this is called having "Cyster Fibrosis."

I've been trying to write a poem to talk about what it is like to grow up with someone who
looks just like you
talks just like you
thinks just like you
like any other sister
but who is also carrying around
all of this.

I'm literally going to go dig in the basement for a journal.
I'm going to start looking there.
In the past.

Yesterday I talked on the phone with my oldest friend, S-Bestie.
S-Bestie (l) and CysticGal(r)- My Birthday, 1985

She and I grew up with each other and knew each other since we were very small. We lived in the same neighborhood for awhile, when people still played with the other kids that lived right there in their neighborhood. Then I moved, and moved back, I went to college, and she moved to Colorado. S- and I have always talked a lot over the years. But she is still my best friend.

It was good to hear her ask me a few questions that I had not asked myself yet. It was good to hear her listen to my crazy mix of spiritual beliefs and not think I was a weirdo or try to get into some sort of religious debate. It was just good.

If I have no words to say tonight, perhaps I will have some words for later?

I had a great day today. I was on schedule with my meds, I did some crazy good yoga, and I ate a lot of foods.


  1. We are really rather cute, aren't we?

  2. ur pics as a kid are ADORABLE! glad to hear you had a great day yesterday! I hope all is well and that you continue to have great days and feel healthy as well.


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