Sunday, September 6, 2009

I Know It's Late and I Know You're Weary: Advice on Big Talks?

I wonder, how often CAN I use early 80s song titles as my blog post titles?


I am up late and thinking about a lot of things. I was just looking at my childhood best friend (S-Bestie^)'s blog about her artistic life. There she is, living there, a fabulous artist in her own right. I am here, living all the way over here, and thinking I'm some sort of artist too. But I never have made art with her, and yet I think her visual art relates a lot to my theatrical and written art.


I am also thinking a lot about news and refer you, CG Readers back to a post written by the famous CF Husband on his blog, about the difficulty of having these big talks about the big moments of our lives. How do we find the energy to have these big talks? When do we find the time? How many days will go by that I have to have a big talk?

I wish people still did not have computers, I could write letters to those I really love and not have to worry over the controlled release of my own information on the internet. Something strange to say, I guess, from someone writing a friggin' blog. But this would be a problem, blog or no. Even if I didn't have a blog, if I didn't have a facebook, if I weren't an email junkie- everyone else is. I have to know that as I start to share my health situation with people- it's gonna "get out there" on the interwebs to some people before I've had the chance to have the big talk with them.

And I just have to hope they don't get mad at me.

That's all tonight folks, I spent my time updating my shiizzzzle.


  1. I like the new look CG!!! If you ever want to do a practice run on any big talks you know I'm here for you :)


  2. I had this "issue" when I mentioned on my FB that I thought I was going to be hospitalized back in July. I didn't call my dad and step-mom until I knew for sure, but I saw her before I found out and she knew already. She was annoyed but oh well.

    I like the new layout too!!!!!! :)

  3. I started commenting, but then it was turning into post material...that then morphed into grossly over-long but necessary for my sanity post material. Just wanted to let you know that I linked back here in my post, hope you don't mind. (Let me know if you of the internets, it can be changed).

  4. CG - Thanks for being ok with the reference! I tend to over explain things (have you noticed? haha) and felt it was much quicker to say, HEY! here's where this got started (this time...its been stewing and rotting in my brain for a while) than to go in to the backstory.

    And absolutely you can reference my blog, I'd be flattered to have my ramblings featured on the awesome CG chronicles. PS, I noticed today that if I were to abbreviate my own blog, it would be "BS", which I found appropriate and amusing. Cheers!


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