Monday, September 28, 2009

The People Want What They Want: Lighten Up Already!

When you're feeling blue. Down in the dumps. Cranky Face Magoo.
There is only one thing to do:


And if the first time doesn't work . . .

NOTE: The second take is easily 1.5 million times funnier / more embarrassing
than the first for at least 5 reasons.

Read tomorrow to find out what the 5 reasons are!

Tomorrow, I promise to follow up on all posts of recent!
For tonight, Just dance,
Love, CG


  1. Dancing is fun! CL

  2. Dude, youre a hottie ! haha

  3. ok, i definitely owe you another UYS donation just for that :)

  4. OMG i miss your sillyness now that i'm away at school! i want to be doing PP @ WFT again now! :-) love how you have a little giggle at the end of the first take :-D

    and the fact that you are dancing to Golddigger in the 2nd one is hilarious, although i think you should have danced to the Glee version :-P

    PS if you haven't watched Glee on FOX yet (wednesdays at 9pm EST) you totally should! it is amazing!!!

    I miss you and your sillyness

  5. Thank you for being the coolest blogger ever!!

    I always say CFers are just born cooler then the rest of us and you totally prove me right!!

  6. You brought me from crying to the previous post to laughing at this one! Laughing because you're so freakin cute and funny. I NEVER knew you are such A GREAT DANCER! "She can be bought! Oh I'm in need! Get down girl go head get down!"

  7. Jane started dancing with you as soon as I played the first video! :) We don't dance enough in this house - thanks for reminding me to do that! :)

  8. This was a great way to start my day. My question to you is how come you are not coughing up a lung...I would be.

  9. Cuz I already did 3 x airway clearance that day- and I had my oxygen at 4 Liters :)


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