Friday, September 18, 2009

What You Doin'? Home IV Therapy Schedule.

Well, it's been about six weeks of home and hospital treatment, and yesterday I finally got my port de-accessed. I am on a leave from work until I can be sure that I am up to returning (more details to follow . . . ), and I have been meaning to write a post that answers the question,

What do you do all day during your home IVs?

Here is my schedule from last week, without the med names to keep it simple.

Take IV number 1. (30 mins)
Take inhalors and nasal sprays.
Do nebulizer 1 (10 mins)
Do airway clearance and manual postural drainage/cpt (20-40 mins)
Do nebulizer 2 (20 mins)
Take oral antibiotic, steroid, stomach medicine, special cf vitamin, probiotics and other meds for tummy, blood pressure pills (2), antihistamine pill to counter drug interactions, take vitamin K to prevent bleeding.

Personal Care Routine: Shower inc. more airway clearance, Hair, Dress, Become generally glamorous


Cardio Exercise, then eat more.
Take more probiotic
Sometimes, I would take a nap following my exercise.

3PM: Go to CVS.

Sometimes I would have a nursing visit at this time to change my port needle, and to draw blood work.
Take IV #1 (30 minutes)
Do nebulizer 1 (10 mins)
Do airway clearance and manual postural drainage/cpt (20-40 mins)
Do nebulizer 2 (20 mins)
Take more probiotic

5: Take IV #2 (60 mins)
Talk on the phone with CysticLady and CysticMommy

6: eat

7: yoga.

8: Take more probiotic, cf vitamin, tummy meds, inhalors (2).

11: write my blog :)

Take IV 1, 30 mins.
Final airway clearance. (10 mins)
Take antihistamine.
Get ready for general nn including sinus rinse. ew.

Also: at waking, noon, four, eight, "nn" and after exercise, I would take my blood pressure, check my oxygen and pulse.

Other medical things that happen during the week:
One appointment at the CF clinic (or three:); calling the oxygen company to get needed supplies; calling the nursing coordinator to schedule all this sort of stuff.

It's a busy job, but I have to do it!

More tomorrow, loyal readers! Love, CG

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  1. Wow you are so organized and good at following your routine I am in awe. Wow, Babe.


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