Friday, September 11, 2009

Oh I Want To Go Back To That . . . Dear Old Dirty [Blog]

Ten O'Clock is my favorite time of night. So quiet. Too late to do anything productive or useful. Too tired to do anything important. But early enough to still be here, at the keyboard writing to you.

Lately, my readership has grown. STAT counter has individual IPs at over 3500! That's crazy. And daily readership is about 135. GREAT! One problem: I've gained a lot of personal readers and friends reading, but lost some of my core CFers. I must gain them back. Dialogue with the CFers is the reasons I started the blog!

I have decided to revert my blog to its most original intentions: to be a magazine-format blog where I wrote longer posts that covered topics of value to the average 20-30something cystic gal (or cystic fiBro). My health experience is changing right now, yes. The topics I cover may end up being completely different topic than those I thought I would be covering when first I sat out to do this blog in June, yes. But the blog will remain in tact. I want to be a writer on this blog, and not a patient. A writer that writes about patient issues. So there you have it.

Therefore, forget all that huggamujuggammu that I was writing about "this is the point," "don't get offended if..." -whatevers, I say. The blog is back to it original form and mission and no one will get offended or overly personal because the blog'll go back to being a magazine. Not my diary or whatevs.

Sigh. So that being said. It is still of value, in my EveryCysticGal way, to share the Basic Info of Me and also the Meds I Take, because that is great information for you to have, should you be reading or emailing CG.

In Review:

Goals of "Cystic Gal"

I Want This Blog To Be:
1) A place to get feedback
2) A place to e-meet people
3) A place to express my story
4) A tool for dealing with my anxiety

5) Funny and Balanced.

I Don't Want This Blog To Be:
1) A personal diary
2) A rant page
3) An oversimplification of CF, either positive or negative

4) A place where I judge other CFers' coping mechanisms or circumstances.

Peace out, y'all. I've got a lot of stored up writings in here that I've got to get out! Because I AM still raising money for the Unleash Your Story campaign. I've got to write those good words n'stuff :)


  1. I've never left CG!!! Here's the deal though, I think you can have both...If it helps you to use this as a diary once in a while then that's exactly what you should do! Do what's best for CG first and then worry about us....


  2. I must agree. Of course you never left me! You're my blogboyfriend!! haha.

  3. I'm still here too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  4. I think you should just write whatever you feel like.

  5. What happened to that poem from last night?

  6. I'm with Teeda... You should write whatever you feel needs to be said. Why filter YOUR blog? I know there was a storm on one post but it was an honest entry on how you were feeling and it inspired a exchange of thoughts that I found to be very constructive!


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