Monday, September 7, 2009

Read "Breath Sentence" blog, too!

More tomorrow. I'm to bed soon! Love, CG

PS I will be following up on last night's post, but implore you, if you are more into reading than watching tonight, to read this wonderful response written by "Breath Sentence," who realizes that if she took a page out of the CG book, her abbreviation would be BS. hee hee. This blog post by BS is really not any kind of BS. It's some GS- GOOOD STUFF ;0)


  1. oh my god i look like a totes magotes weirdo up there.

  2. haha, I love it! especially the "zyme time" and that fact that you actually schedule in Sx3 (or personal care) - I'll have to remember that one next time, I tend to turn into a bit of a hideous zombie and rely far to heavily on baseball caps and ponytails during IV bootcamp.

    Sorry if your counter has a katrillion hits from me tonight...I'm really not THAT vain, I was just confused b/c your new post showed up on my blogroll, but not on your actual blog. Thanks for the shout-out! Maybe I'll get brave and do a VLOG sometime soon...

    or maybe I'll just keep taking baby steps and stick to blogging more than once-monthly :)

  3. I also like that you too use "o"s for smiley noses :o)


    I'm glad you don't take acid. That wouldn't be good for us cysticfibrosis'ers!!!!

  5. I know, I couldn't decide whether to say "CFer" or what, so it came "Cystic...Fibrosis...ers."??

    Yeah, I decided to add "personal care" to the agenda because otherwise I wasn't showering until like 4 and then the nurse would be stopping in, and I'd be like OH NO SHE'S GONNA THINK I'VE GONE ALL DOWN HILL! hahah.

  6. So did you record that in May or did you decide to celebrate Memorial Day AND Labor Day this weekend?

    I liked the vid-keep it up!



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