Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Exercise Tracker

Wednesday, Sept. 23: I've been exercising all along but lost the will to post it every time. Now, I'm gonna start posting it again.

Woah major exercise today. Using 4.5L, I walked 1.3miles at a max rate of 3.2 mph, over 30 mins. :) sweat sweat sweat

Saturday 7/25:
20 minutes treadmill with 4.5L O2 and at 2.5mph.. Top of Target Heartrate. "Set of 10" - 10 of each of the Jackie Warner moves. Checked the O2- in the clear. Full steam ahead with Core and Upper Body Workout tomorrow! Workout Grade: B. Airway Clearance Grade: A+ Other Medical Stuff Grade: A+

Friday 7/24:
Personal Disaster today and still struggling with the O2. Workout Grade: F. Airway Clearance Grade: A+. Other medical stuff grade: B

Thurs. 7/23:
Very rough day at work. Hard to get around even with supplemental O2. Just did 15 minutes on treadmill with 4L O2. Workout Grade (7PM): Inc. Airway Clearance Grade: Inc, C+. Keep up the good work.

Wed. 7/22: Will call doc tomorrow. . . that's all I want to say on the bloggy blog.

Tues. 7/21:
Very low resting O2 today and even lower O2 with exertion. I don't wanna use a lot of O2 numbers here because I don't want to alarm people who don't understand how it all works with CF. Dedicated the night (and I mean, from 5pm to 10pm, seriously) to meds, airway clearance, meds, airway clearance, eat, airway clearance, shower, airway clearance, etc. etc. etc. while on decreasing amounts of O2. I did not get my saturation up to a point where I thought it was a good idea to exercise. Workout Grade: F. Airway Clearance Grade: A-

Mon. 7/20: 30 minutes walking w/ max 2.8mph and 4.oL O2. Decided to stop the mission of pretending I'm a runner. Feel good about that. Hurrah! After my period ends (to be honest), I'm back on the upper-middle-lower body workouts too. Workout Grade: B+


On 7/20/09, I realized that all of my dates were wrong because I was just tracking it all wrong and not paying attention to a calendar. So- time for some changes! Now I will track my exercise with the NEWEST at the top, and I will start over TODAY!!!

1: 7/9: 25 minutes walking @ 2.8mph. 15 seconds running!

(more on this development later!)

2: 7/10: 15 minutes walking @ 2.8mph. 30 seconds running!
Full Lower Body Workout. It's lunge-tastic! It's squat-riffic!
It's the Jackie Warner Workout!

3: 7/11: 30 minutes walking @ 2.8mph. 45 seconds running! "Too much or too fast!" says my heart monitor. Any thoughts on the speed of running?

4: 7/12: Fever (100). A calm day. 15 minutes walking @ 2.8mph. No running.

5: 7/13: Fever (99). Though after chatting w/ Mom and reviewing the Catholic teaching, I now believe I was just ovulating. No joke. 20 min @ 2.8 mph. w/ 3.5 L O2

6: 7/14: Ignoring Ovulation Fever (99). 30 min @ 2.8mph. Based on yesterday's O2 tracking, decreased to 3L O2. SUCCESSFUL!


DAY 1: 7/16: 30 mins@ 2.8mph w/3L O2

DAY o: 7/17: Excused* absence from gym class today. My Mom wrote this note. I'll play tomorrow. *I will only accept comments on this from readers with a uterus.

DAY 2: 7/18: 20 minutes between 2.8mph and 4mph. 4L O2. Was trying to work in 60 seconds of running. This is my third and final attempt. My heart-rate goes too high. I will work up to it more gradually.

More to follow . . .

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