Monday, September 14, 2009

Breath Sentence is a Great Blog, Too!

Read THIS blog if you are interested in knowing some of the things in a cg's mind when she's feeling down about how people react to her illness.

I couldn't, or shall I say, didn't, put it better myself.

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  1. aww, thanks for the shoutout, CG! Perky things to follow - especially since I have been floating on a cloud of wonderful caringfulness (nope, not a word) in the lead-up and wake of my surgery; funny how God/The Universe/HPOA (Higher Power of your Attention, not to be confused with Healthcare Power of Attorney) works sometimes - but I swear my blog won't always be a cheap and lacking substitute for therapy. Thanks for the bloggy-love, and stay tuned :o)

    BS (tehehe!)


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