Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Stream of Consciouness Is The Best Way To Write

When you write so much and so fast and you try not to stop and don't stop if you spell something wrong except for when you type sometimes it happens auto-matic-ally so usually i don't do this type of writing on a keyboard i prefer to do it with my hands so this is really an experiment and the one thing you try not to do and by you and mean i try not to use any sort of punctuation just try to get the juices flowing since it is 11 o'clock at night and though i like to start to write at ten, 11 o'clock at night will do today was hard.

well there we go.

today was hard and i went to the doctor and also i brought my friends one was human and one was pharmaceutical and both made passing the time easier except for that i was still bitchy sometimes on accident and playful sometimes on accident which really isn't that much different than the way i am in real life

like not at the doctor

it is weird that my type type typing fingers had to spell


twenty thousand times they could not get it right


so i went the doctor and brought my two friends t and v

t money

and we had a lot of chatting and i told them i was collecting advice
i am like a tollbooth taker of advice and please would every one throw a coin in and also
don't forget that i am a monarchy
i make all the decisions
but you can't pass by without throwing a coin into the cup of
what to do about me

so i collected lots of coins today and that is a
metaphor that works so maybe i'll
write a poem like that tomorrow

and then i went home from the doctor with my full bag of coins
and stopped to make some art
or talk about hey do you want to make some art
on the way
which was good and i had my dance pants on and all
you can still wear dance pants if you have a nice ass
and an oxygen tank
it's ironic and fabulous
especially wearing pink

and i talked a little talk about hey let's make some art
and also collected a coin or two from a very nice man who says
you know the thing about art is you could always say
well i was just making some art, you know

and then i came home
called my mother
and my father
and my sister
and not yet my brother
because with all this news there was really no news to report
and he mostly has time on the weekend
my brother

he is busy collecting coins of his own ;)

Goodnight from my brain to yours,


  1. 1-thanks for the comment, I really like the 90/10 ratio you mentioned. I'll have to keep the "10" in mind when my inner perfectionist tries to hijack even how I'm handling how other people are handling how I'm handling things, haha.

    And I love love love the coin-collecting metaphor. Hope you got some valid currency, so-to-speak.

    I love x18452 the hot-ass/O2 combo. You go, dancepants!

  2. Tollbooth plus monarchy = genius.

  3. Beth, I think you are genius. I've been following your blog for a while, but this just stuck out to me. I miss you. Ima send you an email soon, when I get around to it. Love love love.

  4. How the hell didja get so smart, Lady? That ain't justa coin that's the truth for the Queen, okay? xo


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