Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This is an old video

About a week ago (Wow, it seems longer ago than that!), I made this video. When I looked at on the very small screen of my digital camera, I was pretty happy with it. I looked okay, and sounded okay, and though the image was dark, I figured, it was good enough and informational.

Then I downloaded it onto my laptop and watched it again and was really quite astonished to watch myself in nearly life-like-size, and to see and hear how out of breath I sounded even though I was wearing my O2 and sitting.

I wondered, "How long have I sounded this way?" In my work, I have the opportunity to hear my recorded voice fairly regularly, and I tend to have a good ear for how my projected voice sounds while I am working in rehearsal or on a mic. (I admittedly have no attention to how my voice sounds when I am not working which is one of the many reasons I have so many vocal problems . . . ) anyway . . .

The long and short of it is that I didn't end up posting the video because I did not like seeing the muscles in my neck and chest heave, seeing my shoulders rolled in, and seeing my gulp air in between words. And I wondered - how did I come to sound this bad so quickly, and how did I NOT notice?

It's only been a week since I shot it. I don't know if I'm still doing this.

But I know that one day I won't have to do it, anymore.

PS/Disclaimer: Even though I'm out of breath here, yoga really IS good for you and your lungs and my living this many years with an FEV1 of 46% or less (Currently 23%) is only proof of that. So, DO do yoga.

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