Thursday, September 10, 2009

CG Diction-Ary

Here you will find the CG way to explain some of the medical terms and hospital jargon that is brought up in the blog, that a lot of CFers and families know about, but some other friends/fam might say, "huhwhat?" about. These are not medical definitions, they are in my own words.

Alpha-Order, for your Alpha-Ease.

"CF"- Cystic Fibrosis, as in "I have C bleeping F."

"CFRD"- Cystic Fibrosis Related Diabetes, as in "I can't believe that because of CF, I know have CFRD."

Endometriosis- Uterine (as in, uterus) tissue growing outside of the uterus itself. (no funny example sentences available.)

"FEV1"- Forced Expiratory Volume over 1 second: during a pulmonary function test (PFT), a patient's ability to blow out a volume of air in the first second of exhaling. An important measurement of pulmonary health. As in, "What's your FEV1?" or "My FEV1 is 16%."

"FVC" - Forced Vital Capacity: during a pulmonary function test (PFT), an important measurement of pulmonary health. As above.

"Line" - an i.v. line. As in "It took them three attempts to place the line" or "My line hurts."

"nn" - CysticGal or CysticLady on twitter, text, or facebook, for "nightie night" or "goodnight," as in "I have to nn, call me," or "nn u weirdo."

"O2"- Chemistry and everyday abbreviation for oxygen. As in "How's your O2?" "Do you have enough O2?"

"PICC"- Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter: a central line for the delivery of i.v. medications, typically placed in the arm, accessed outside of the skin. As in, "If I have to get another PICC I will go crazy."

"PFT"- Pulmonary Function Test: a test a pulmonary patient completes where s/he blows into a tube. Various measurements are taken.

"Port"- Port-a-Catheter: A central catheter line for the delivery of i.v. medications. Usually placed in the chest of the patient, accessed under the skin.

Pulmonary Endometriosis- Growth of endometrial tissue outside of the lungs, but inside of the rib cage.

"SAT"- abbreviation for "saturation," referring to "oxygen saturation."

Transplant- In CF, a patient can be referring to a double or single-lung transplant, a living donor lung transplant or a heart/lung transplant (among other organs).

"tx"- an abbreviation used for Transplant. Similarly, "post-tx" or "pre-tx" means, "pre" or "post-transplant"

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  1. This is really helpful - thank you! I like to think I've figured most of these out, but I know it's a pain to answer these questions all the time, so now that it's all in one place I won't have to ask. :)

  2. Here's a dumb question...if your FEV1 (I can't get that cute subscript there) is at 16%, where does that fit on a "health" spectrum? What would a non CF one be?

  3. An FEV 1 "expected" number of liters is calculated based on the person's weight and height. How much air your lungs should be holding regularly for your height and weight to walk around. So, each person' expected FEV1 would be around 100% if they were really health, 95% if they were feeling sick, and a little lower than that if they were really ill with a chest cold.


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