Friday, September 25, 2009

Stream of Consciouness (Weekly Break From Overly Cerebral Posts...)

Quick updates. Today was certainly not as good of a day as yesterday. I was diggity dog tired most of the day. I slept a little later than I meant to (til 9), and ate a good breakfast, was sluggish through my morning meds and routine, and still felt poodidddly doo most of the day. Very very tired. Though I checked my O2 and heartrate and bp this morning, I was tooling around the house feeling very tired, and very clammy (many many hot flashes from the lupron at this particular week.) Around 2PM, yes, 2PM, I checked my oxygen, and though I was wearing 1.5L, my O2 was 83! Well no kidding I felt like poo. I was poo! So, I turned up the juice.

Having low oxygen creep up on you is such a menace. Like having bad blood sugar - you feel like crap just enough to know that you feel like crap, but that crappy feeling keeps you from having logical thoughts like "maybe I oughtta check my sugar," or "maybe my 02 is low?" Instead you lay around for a few hours wondering, vaguely, what might be wrong.

Also the POTpill didn't help. But I gained 3 lbs this week. No diggity. No doubt.

I blame this low 02 on my awesome workout yesterday. I must've made me some muscle mass :)

Tonight, I was happy to see that Jackie Warner's workouts are back on OnDemand for free :) !! I did the 1-on-1 core workout and it was awesome! During the workout I started to fantasize about Jackie coming to Boston to do rehab with me and turn me into a hot rockin new lung havin dancing diva. This resulting in the following tweet:

CysticGal@Jackiewarner10 i love your workouts. i have #cysticfibrosis and am preparing for transplant. i want you to come do rehab with me!

Then, I watched grey's anatomy with one of my besties, C-Daddy. He baked cookies, I ate two pudding cups, and then we watched the show while eating cookies, pudding cups and ice cream. The POTpill definetly helps with that calorie consumption! Grey's was pretty good but resulted in this tweet:

Cystic GalCysticGalon grey's tonight george o'malley died, donated lungs to patient with #cysticfibrosis. (fictional). Hard to watch with my pal, but good 2 c.

Poor C-Daddy and I both got all misty eyed and cried because well, there is a lot to to think about there.

Hmm. This post is not nearly so much stream o consciousness as I would like. It's more like stream o hello kitty diary.

Oh wells,
Goodnight, I'm gonna watch The Office and eat yet another pudding cup. I friggin love those pudding cups.

And don't you worry, DancingGal is coming!! I promise.

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  1. haha ive taken the POTpill aka marinol no? i didnt notice any munchies but it did get me high and then I puked because i got the spins... needless to say I take megace or megestrol if I try an appetite stimulant...

    and greys I wrote the same thing about george on my facebook status...


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