Sunday, September 13, 2009

Once or Twice a Day (as needed)

(Back per reader requests!!)

Falling down the rabbit hole
Trip-drop trip-drop
Tumble down the rabbit hole
Flip-flop flip-flop.

Colored little rabbit hole
I love my home
The place where I go to know
I'm all alone.

Lovely blanket
Fuzzy socks
Sleeping well and
No one knocks.

Eating snacks
And warm meals too
Milkshakes, ice-cream
Much to do.

Lower down the rabbit hole
Slip-hop slip-hop
Reviewing all your notes and papers
Flip-flop flip-flop

Lovely little rabbit hole
I call my home
The place where people come to see
If I'm alone.

Heavy soul
And sweaty shirt
Waking often
Feeling hurt

Refusing foods
And tummy's hurt
That looks gross
Might just eat dirt

Living in the rabbit hole
Down Down Fall
Wanting to climb out again
Once and for all.

I continue to wonder what is going on with this poem. I took it down from the blog to put it into a new format, only to realize, no, I like the format but not the order, the direction of the poem but not the place where it ends up, and I think it is too long but I haven't written a good last stanza yet so I keep writing more til I know what is going on, with, this, poem.

It seems to be a silly poem, an Alice in Wonderland poem, a dark little poem. I have no idea what is up with it. A study in rabbit holes.


Goodnight, CG

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