Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Hilarious CG Development on Statcounter

9% of CysticGal readers today found my site by googling "there once was a gal poems." Someone else, was looking for "I'm ok you're ok"- perhaps my site was useful (??). Yet, someone else was looking for Florence Nightingale but entered "florence night gal." I am sure my post helped this person. :)

Tonight's real post is below! Please read IT.

Goodnight, CG

Perc.Search Term
drill down
drill down
18.18%cystic gal
drill down
9.09%the once was a gal poems
drill down
9.09%CFers wearing oxygen
drill down
drill down
9.09%"I'm ok you're ok" blogspot
drill down
9.09%florence night gal


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  1. Florence night gal! That is soo funny.


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